2016 Albertsons / Safeway Monopoly Winning Tickets

OK, I admit it. I’m playing that Safeway Monopoly game. Now, you do know how these things work, right? For each prize there is one, maybe two, rare tickets. All those other tickets are just window dressing.

So the question is…which tickets are the rare ones? Well, I’m here to help.

We’ve been playing for a number of weeks now and have filled up our board almost completely. All of the prizes now have one or two empty slots.

So, unless I’m incredibly lucky and already have some “rare” tickets (which I’m pretty sure is not the case), the following is the list of rare tickets for each prize. In some cases I’m listing two. At this point I don’t know if both are rare, or just one. Anyway, here it goes:

  1. A502C, A504E
  2. B505A, B506B
  3. C513D, C514E (just got C514E, so C513D is the rare one)
  4. D515A, D517C
  5. E524D, E525E
  6. F527B, F528C
  7. G531A
  8. H538D
  9. I541C
  10. J544B
  11. K549C
  12. L551A
  13. M556B
  14. N562D
  15. O565C
  16. P568B
  17. Q573C
  18. R575A
  19. S579A
  20. T585C
  21. U590D
  22. V592B
  23. W597C
  24. X602D
  25. Y603A
  26. Z608B
  27. $613C, $618H
  28. ?622D, ?625G

So there you go. That’s your most wanted list. Note that the promotion ends May 3, 2016. On my last visit to Safeway they were handing out fistfuls of tickets.